Your computer operates in two different modes: "OFF LINE" and "ON LINE".

When you are operating "OFF LINE" you are using mostly standard software
programs which are installed on your computer. When you are operating
"ON LINE" you are interfacing with the entire world using an entirely different
type of software (which is installed on the internet) than you use when operating "OFF LINE".

All pages viewed on the internet are created by using a standard program
code (or group of commands). A group of pages which refer to a common topic
are known as a Web Site. The program code for any page can be viewed (unless blocked
by the programmer) by right clicking on the page -- and then clicking on "view page source".

In order to place a Web Site on the internet you must write the desired code on an Editor
program, using the browser on your computer; and then transfer the pages created with
the code to an Internet Host.